Wedding season is here! If you could give one piece of advice to couples getting married this summer, what would it be? My advice is the following... along with a few photography tips for your big day!


No matter how much you have planned the little details of your big day, something will inevitably go wrong or not as planned. And that's OK. Just take a deep breath, pretend it didn't happen and enjoy the day. No one is going to notice those little mishaps, I promise!

Photography advice no 1: 

Chins out - stick out your chin towards the camera. It will feel VERY awkward. Yes, you will even feel a bit like a turtle.. However, this flattering pose is used throughout the modelling world and is great for elongating necks and even hiding double chins. Try it for yourself and be surprised at the result!

Photography advice no 2: 

When planning out the schedule for hair and makeup, the bride should always be the priority. Have your hair and makeup done first. Not only will this give you much more time to relax and enjoy the morning as you know you are ready, it will also give you ample time for those beautiful shots like getting into the dress and your parents' reaction as you show it to them.

Photography advice no 3: 

When getting ready - keep everyone's random stuff "hidden" in a corner of the room. The less the mess, the better the photographs will look.

Photography advice no 4: 

For brides and bridesmaids - the best height to hold your flowers is at around your belly button. Please don't hide your lovely faces!

Smile and enjoy every moment - it will be over before you know it!

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